IHMS: International Health and Medical Services
  • Delivering a consistent standard of care in physically and culturally challenging environments Providing healthcare in both remote and urban settings Managing health systems on behalf of governments and international organisations
  • Providing healthcare in both remote and urban settings Delivering a consistent standard of care in physically and culturally challenging environments Providing healthcare in both remote and urban settings
  • Delivering a consistent standard of care in physically and culturally challenging environments Providing healthcare in both remote and urban settings Delivering a consistent standard of care in physically and culturally challenging environments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

IHMS is committed to building the capability of the local workforce to leave a lasting and sustainable legacy in the local communities in which we operate. Our service delivery model incorporates a proportion of local staff, including both medical and non-medical staff. In some functions, such as vector control and administration and logistics, 100% of the workforce is employed from the local community. Our investment in the training and development of local staff generates value for the community as these staff and their expertise return in time to the local environment and their learned expertise improves the quality of health services delivered in the local communities.

Visit to the Nauru IHMS Clinic

The Government of Nauru Minister for Health, The Honorable Isabella Dageago, MP visited the IHMS Clinic in the Offshore Processing Centre on 25th November 2019. Her team also included the Health Secretary, the Director of Medical Services, the Principle Training Officer, and the PA to the Minister.

IHMS were represented by all senior staff and both parties joined in discussions concerning closing the gap for communications, training, skills sets that would benefit the Hospital, visiting specialists, Hospital critical staff shortage areas, and an open door approach to IHMS staff visiting the Hospital. Discussion also examined the future and methods to attract and educate young persons into the health profession. HSM Helen Ashford suggested that Careers Nights might be beneficial and that IHMS could support and assist the Health Department to conduct these sessions.

After discussions the Minister was taken on a tour of the clinic where she was shown the capabilities of the Clinic. Afterwards the Minister and her team dined with IHMS in the Mess.

Overall the visit was extremely beneficial to IHMS and the Department of Health and laid the foundation of a collaborative and beneficial future.

October 2019: Gifting of Equipment to the Republic of Nauru Hospital

In a special ceremony hosted by the Republic of Nauru, IHMS, together with the Department of Home Affairs, gifted a range of paediatric equipment to the Republic of Nauru Hospital (RONH). IHMS worked with Canstruct who provided the transportation to move the equipment to the RONH. Acting Minister for Health Wawani Dowiyogo hosted the event, saying that it will benefit the next generation of Nauruans. IHMS staff spoke of their time on Nauru and the strong relationship with RONH’s midwives and doctors, which has developed over several years of successful partnership. IHMS is proud to be able to support the RONH with this equipment, and looks forward to seeing it in use at the hospital.

August 2019: Book Drive for the Republic of Nauru Library and the University of the South Pacific.

A new public library recently opened in Nauru in conjunction with Nauru’s celebration of 50 Years of Independence (2018).

  • The library provides books to students of the University of the South Pacific (USP).  The USP has, since the early 1970s, provided distance courses to Nauruan residents.  In 2018 the Nauru campus of the USP began providing face-to-face courses in a Bachelor of Education together with courses in accounting, management, English, nutrition and disability studies.  Workshops on computing and book-keeping are also offered in the Campus's continuing education programme. The USP campus courses are free and open to all local residents including asylum seekers and refugees with the first refugee graduating in 2018. The library assists with providing educational material to those studying USP courses.
  • During a visit to the library by IHMS staff, it was highlighted that there was a shortage of educational materials to assist Nauruan residents studying at USP. IHMS commenced a book drive in April 2019 to assist the library in augmenting its collection of books on health and nutrition. After an outstanding response from staff, IHMS presented over one hundred books to Mrs Alamanda Lauti  -Director of USP and Mrs Teieta Jeremiah - Librarian  on behalf of IHMS staff.  Mrs Lauti thanked IHMS for its generosity, and on behalf of the people of Nauru said tubwa ouwak ( thank you very much).

Donation to the Republic of Nauru Hospital

In April 2019 IHMS, together with the Department of Home Affairs, gifted sixty bags of five per cent glucose to the Republic of Nauru Hospital (RoNH). The gift was received by the RoNH’s Director of Nursing and Pharmacist. The RoNH Director of Nursing expressed thanks on behalf of the RoNH to IHMS for its continued support to the local hospital and Nauruan community.

IHMS and the RoNH have a friendly and collegial relationship that goes back to 2012 when IHMS first arrived in Nauru and were warmly received by the then Director of Nursing who provided advice and support when we set up our first clinic. Both organisations continue to have education days with ongoing training both at the Regional Processing Centre and the hospital.

ANZAC day honoured on Nauru

25 April 2018

Approximately 20 IHMS staff on Nauru attended an ANZAC Day ceremony at the Australian High Commission.

In a moving ceremony IHMS laid a wreath and the IHMS site manager, recited The Ode. One of the moving highlights was, for the first time ever, local IHMS employees performed an energised Haka, as a tribute to dead warriors and a display of strength and unity.

Greta Beach Clean Up – Christmas Island

IHMS staff on Christmas Island participated in what was a great turn out for the Greta Beach Clean-up on Sunday 3rd March 2019. A fallen tree had blocked the road but it was no match for a team armed with machetes. The rain came not long after we started, but that didn’t put anyone off, and the job was getting done regardless. It was a brilliant team effort that left Greta Beach at her pristine best, and the turtles will be much happier.

Marine debris is a global problem. Most of the debris which accumulates on Christmas Island beaches comes from overseas, but all we can all do our bit to reduce our plastic use. A total of 500kg in 80 bags of assorted marine debris including thongs, water bottles, polystyrene, drinking straws, fishing gear, rope and other bits and pieces were removed.

In addition to IHMS, volunteers from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, Department of Home Affairs and Serco participated in the clean up. There was great support from all the agencies connected with the Immigration Detention Centre and the Christmas Island community.

IHMS delivers training to the Authorised Officers under the Nauru Mentally Disordered Person’s Act

In May 2018 the IHMS mental health team in Nauru delivered a three day program of training sessions for the Authorised Officers under the Nauru Mentally Disordered Person’s Act.

Gift of medical equipment to the Lorengau Hospital

In May 2018 IHMS assisted in the gifting of medical equipment to the Lorengau Hospital following the closure of the Manus Regional Processing Centre. Dr Otto Numan, Medical Director of the Lorengau Hospital, said he appreciated the equipment and it would assist the hospital greatly to provide care to the Lorengau community.

IHMS participate in the World Health Day on Nauru

In April 2017, IHMS staff participated in an event to commemorate World Health Day in Nauru. Staff at site manned a stall stocked with health information. We also ran a colouring-in table for children and a nail-painting station. An IHMS doctor also spoke on mental health issues.

IHMS Vector and Mosquito Abatement Team presents on Dengue Fever to clinicians at the Lorengau General Hospital, Manus Island

The IHMS Vector & Mosquito Abatement (VMA) Team at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre accepted an invitation from the Lorengau General Hospital to make a presentation on Dengue fever to the hospital’s clinical heads on 7 April 2017. Both IHMS and the Lorengau General Hospital agreed to continue joint Continuing Medical Education programs in the future.

IHMS staff participate in Mental Health Week in Nauru

The IHMS Mental Health Team on Nauru participated in Mental Health week from 10 to 14 October 2016.

With a $1500 donation from IHMS, the team put together 150 children’s and 100 adult Self Care Packs. The children’s packs included work sheets on keeping calm, anxiety, deep breathing and self-esteem as well as a stress ball, water bottle and safety whistle. The adult packs included positive affirmation cards, incense, candles, and tip sheets on self-care and relaxation.

On Saturday 8 October IHMS provided a marquee and a barbeque and manned a stall at a community event to launch the week. Kids’ activities on the day included face painting, puppet-making, a poster competition, a drumming circle and a tug of war. A volleyball tournament was also held.

Other sponsors included the Republic of Nauru Hospital, Digicel, the Department of Health and Medical Services, the Department of Justice and the World Health Organisation.

All sponsors, including the Nauruan Minister for Health, the Hon. Valdon Dowiyogo MP, and IHMS, presented the awards for the volleyball tournament and poster competition at a presentation night on Monday 10 October.

IHMS mental health staff on Nauru support local AFL matches

IHMS mental health staff on Nauru were proud supporters at the Nauru AFL u/14 and u/16 under games on 22 October 2016.

IHMS supplied a marquee, table and chairs for the event and manned a stall in which they gave lollipops, pens and laminated mental health information cards to approximately 60 local children and their parents.

The mental health information disseminated covered self-esteem, aggression, physical health and its role in mental health. A number of the AFL coaches also took this information and said they would use it in their weekly training sessions. Parents also enquired about IHMS counselling services.

IHMS participation was much appreciated by the Nauru AFL coaches, managers and players and we hope to continue this important service.

IHMS celebrates Angam Day in Nauru

Angam day is a public holiday in Nauru but it was business as usual for IHMS .  However , not to be left out of the festivities, members of the IHMS Mental Health team dropped by the Yaren Community Hall to convey their good wishes to the MP of Yaren district , the Honorable Charmaine Scotty who is also the the Nauruan Minister of Education.  Minister Charmaine , who is a strong advocate for mental health issues was pleased to receive from IHMS  a specially made decorative flower representing the colours of her district which is also the capital of Nauru . The IHMS team was warmly welcomed and invited to participate in festivities with the constituents of Yaren- an indication of the firm relationship IHMS has with the people of our host country, Nauru.

IHMS staff on Manus Island participate in Manus Cultural Festival

IHMS Manus Island staff were proud participants in the two-day Manus Cultural Festival on 11 and 12 October 2016. This was the first festival of its kind on Manus and included cultural dancing, displays, music and other cultural activities, and stalls displaying and selling food, art, and local crafts. There were competitions for drumming groups, and string bands. IHMS, together with other service providers and stakeholders, sponsored prizes for various events.

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